Monday, September 15

KC: A Sunny Disposition

KC is a handsome boy who made his debut on last week's foster pages. Here are some photos and a report on him:

"KC should be snatched up pretty fast, he is SUCH a good boy. The only issue he's had since he's been in my house is being a brat sometimes while playing with toys. He can be protective of his toys, but not in an aggressive way. He gets his point across and goes back to his toy. He plays rougher than my two do, we're used to playing nice.
But he is so quick to respond to me. He stops instantly when reprimanded and comes to me for reassurance and praise. He wants to be a good boy. He is SO willing to please. I think he'd make a great obedience dog.

He's a pleaser, he wants to make you happy!

Since he is a young dog he's unsure of himself and CRAVES positive training.

He has adapted SO easily, he is not stressed out at all!

He's a pup, so he's active and curious, always looking for something to do, but he's not obnoxious and not destructive. I think he'd do best with another active dog or someone who could keep him occupied.

He is crate-trained, has no food aggression. My fur kids have had their heads close to his food bowl, not in his bowl and there was no reaction from KC. He greets strangers like they are his best friend!

He does NOT like the squirt bottle. When he is too frisky with Angel, I show him the squirt bottle and he's off her in a flash! Then he comes over to me and looks so sorry! Who could be mad?

We have been working on his jumping on people. He is one smart cookie... he knows he shouldn't jump on me, so he'll stand on his back legs right in front of me. I will make him sit, then give him lotsa lovin'."

This handsome boy is scheduled for a neuter surgery and will be available shortly afterward. Now is the time to apply for some of our adult dogs--the puppies are getting all the attention these days!

What puppies? Why, these puppies, of course!

Puppies! As if all our handsome and appealing foster dogs weren't adorable puppies, once, sniffs the mature and only slightly creaky

Frog Princess

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robertpattinsonhot! said...

That boy is sooooooo adorable who ever gets him should be very lucky!