Thursday, November 8

Shuggie Lu Skiddoo!

Shuggie Lu is an adorable puppy with more energy than a certain battery-powered rabbit
we've all seen on tv. She is a bundle of get up and go, and she just plain wore her poor family out. They loved her to pieces, but when a simple walkies resulted in a broken hip for her dad, her family reluctantly decided to rehome her with a family who could provide the kind of stimulation and exercise she needs to be happy.

She's getting walked every day by a 6'2" teenager and spends lots of time getting her yayas out in the fenced yard in her foster home. Here's a note we got from her foster mom:
"Shuggie Lu was surrendered by her owners who were just overwhelmed by her at this point in their lives. They live in a magnificent home in a beautiful community, however, they had no fenced yard and Shuggie's pulling and general exuberant "puppiness" proved more than they could handle. They obviously loved and did everything for this dog -- she has had all necessary veterinary care, including being spayed. She also has seen an allergy specialist and is eating holistic dog food and special treats. Shuggie is crate trained and rides beautifully in the car.

Shuggie is a long, lean shiny dark brindle with a white patch on her chest. She also has some white on her feet, some of which look like someone tried to give her a frenchie manicure but quit before being finished.

Since being in foster care, she has been playing, playing, playing. She runs in the yard and is busy exploring everything, finding anything I left on the floor (I think she is done now). She loves to chew nylabones and play with toys. She is very fast and can jump with the best of them. Walks have been uneventful so far with very little pulling, walking calmly with her frenchie foster sister to show her the way. She loves to go on walks. She loves meeting other dogs in the neighborhood and is very polite with them. She is able to calm down and be a sweetheart, but is competing with a two year old rather possessive female Frenchie.

She has shown no aggression whatsoever (although there are occasions when I wouldn't blame her).

She was given a bath and was very compliant, and figured if she just buried her face in my shoulder and breathed really hard everything would work out fine. Mildred was laughing at her, but got paid back with a bath right after.

Shuggie sleeps very well and has taken up residence in my teenage son's bed (neither one of them have been complaining). She has been left alone, uncrated, for a couple of hours and Mildred has convinced her that, when the parents leave, it is time to nap.

Shuggie will be seeing a vet for a checkup and to be micro chipped."

We hear she also adores chasing an ice cube all around the kitchen floor for a low-cal, high energy treat. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a frozen cube? One...two...three...Three!

Says the wise old
Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

my comment is not about this particula

Anonymous said...

This little girl has to be my Frenchies relative in some way. They look like they could be twins. Same great black hair w/ white front. Can't tell them apart. Would love for them to meet somehow. Love Frenchie family