Saturday, November 10

There's a Chill in the Air!

...say Tuffy and Wilbur (formerly Monty of the PA 8)! Here's a note we got recently about these two FBRN grads:

"There's a chill in the air--and the way we know this at our house is that tuffy & wilbur have begun to spoon...tuffy has been terribly put out by the fact that wilbur claimed 'the big red chair' (a.k.a. tuffy's chair) shortly after arriving in july. it wasn't that wilbur was opposed to having company, tuffy just didn't think it was right. or dignified. all that changed the night we forgot to turn the heat on and the temp in the house dropped into the low 60s. now it's a regular early morning sight. though tuffy would prefer that you avert your eyes..."

Yes, Tuffy's expression is rather forbidding, there. Say, Tuffy! We are all trying to conserve energy here at the Frog Princess's place! We'd be delighted to spoon with a manly beast like Wilbur for the benefit of the planet.

We are all about sacrifice, claims
The Frog Princess

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