Friday, November 23

Samson Gets Around

Samson has been doing so well now that he's graduated from Physical Therapy! He is always getting out and about, testing his new strength and agility, and even going for short drives to pick up a quart of milk for his foster mom. Here are some photos we received, documenting Samson's days.

"Samson has the job of walking out each day on the grass to watch his area for an occasional visit from a pug or perhaps the cat," Samson's foster mom reports. "I am so happy he can walk for a short distance and stand on his own paws."

"Say, I love this blue go-cart you got for me. It color coordinates w/ my Lupine collar and slip lead. But it really is too small for a real car--and tell me, why is the hardtop on and not the convertible? You aren't afraid the air will lift me out by my ears, are you?"

"I swear Officer, I am visiting PA on vacation, thanks to FBRN. I must have left my license at home in Rhode Island...Yes, of course, I can really touch the pedals!" Darned officers are so suspicious, grumbles Samson.

"Samson is busy standing on his own while being a bully buddy to the ceramic pug. Samson thought since we don't have a Garden Frenchie he might try for Tree Frenchie status."

As we all know only too well: A Pug may work from sun to sun, but a Frenchie's job is never done, sighs
The Frog Princess

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