Thursday, November 15

A Poem for Churchill

We received this note in the website mailbox today:

"This is a poem I wrote for Churchill.

I want to see you up in Heaven, Churchill.
Where you are no longer ill.

You make my eyes shed tears,
with your big ol' Frenchie ears.

Churchill, you made me realize,
with those eyes,
that in my heart you're still alive.

Joseph *******, age 11

I love you Churchill"

Thank you, Joseph. That is an excellent poem for remembering Churchill with! He was a very special dog, wasn't he? We think you are also something special.

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Dear FP, Please from now on issue a tissue alert, so I can be prepared to read the day's blog entry! Sometimes, I fear for our country and the world, when I see some of the youth who will be inheriting it...but, then, there are those like Joseph, who make me know that all will be well! God bless you, Joseph, (and Churchill, too!)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Joseph, for the beautiful poem. That's a lovely tribute for a special dog!

Frogdog Bloggeressa said...

We do have a promise for a better world when we have compassionate children like Joseph living in it.

Thank you, Joseph... you are a precious gem of hope for the future!!!

The Frenchsters said...

What a wonderful poem! I think Churchill was mighty lucky to have you for a boy. I know he must have loved you very, very much and it is clear from your poem that you will have that love with you always. An honorable tribute by an honorable young man.

Anonymous said...

Someone asked me who my hero was the other day. All I could think of was Churchill. Such sweet boy, I never met, touched and changed my life forever.