Thursday, November 22

Happy Thanksgiving from Gigi!

Gigi, FBRN graduate, wrote us this note to wish us all a happy Thanksgiving!

"Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
Just wanted to give you an update on how I've been doing in my new life. I got adopted by some lucky folks in Florida. I try to take good care of them. Give them lots of love and affection. I feel they need frequent big, sloppy kisses. I have a younger Frenchie sister, named Lucy Lou. She is a little bratty at times, you know how little sisters can be. But I love her. I give her a good grooming at least once a day.
My mom is pretty nice, but a bit odd at times. She likes to play dress up at times, and she takes the cleanliness thing a little too far in my opinion. But other than that, she is okay.
My dad is good, too. If I get too tired on a long walkie, he'll pick me up and carry me a bit. We have a great aunt that lives here with us, she's 83. I can't even imagine how old that is in dog years. But she lets us out in the backyard, and sits on the porch with us, and sneaks us treats when mom is at work. Mom keeps me on something called weight manage ment, but Aunt Doris shares good stuff with us. Don't tell mom. Don't want to get the old girl in trouble. This is me, wearing my halo. My mom must think I'm an angel.

I love to take naps in the BIG BED! My dad puts us up there sometimes in the morning, so we snuggle up close next to mom, Lucy Lou on one side, and me on the other, like book-ends! She mumbles something about not being able to move, but who would want to, with good company like that? She also puts these little orange foam things in her ears, mumbling about noise. We're not bothered by any noise. She must be dreaming that.

My most favorite thing, next to food, of course, is to be held. If I think my mom looks lonely, I pat her on the leg, and she picks me up, and we rock. She thinks my purring is sweet. She complains sometimes about her arm going to sleep. Weird. My dad walked by and said one day that I was the world's ugliest baby, but my mom set him straight. We hope you all have someone to hold, love, and give thanks with this season.
love, GiGi"

We second those sentiments, and add a wish for plenty of pie for all our dear subjects!
The Frog Princess

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