Sunday, November 11


Lucien is just one of those frogs. He's a classic of his type. He's affable, responsive, affectionate, goofy and easy-going.
Very easy going. In fact, you can keep the going part, he's going to have a nap right here!

Lucien is in foster care, and he's in great shape! His foster mom says he is an old soul in a young dog. He had his teeth cleaned and two teeth pulled last month, and the remainder of his teeth appear to have been ground down. But he's still got a great grin--we think it might be even more charming with so few teeth in it!

Lucien is fostering with FBRN grad, Bijou, who finds him completely irresistible! She has taken to dropping her hanky anytime he is in the same room. But Lucien isn't having any. He knows all about these winking, one-eyed women and their wily ways! His mamma didn't send him out into the world without a little private chat, first.
Bijou is going to have to work a little harder to win the attention of this frog away from the object of his affection--his comfy bed.

Give him a Dagwood sandwich, a clicker, a beer, and a game on the tv, and Lucien would be indistinguishable from 70 per cent of America's men on any Sunday afternoon. Lucien doesn't think there's anything wrong with that!
Check out his bio and see if you think Lucien could be happy in your house. If so, fill out an application and maybe there'll be another mouth to feed on Thanksgiving afternoon this year.

The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

My baby boy has caught the eye of the FP! There'll be frost in the air between Her Royal Highness and Bijou, my Lady in Waiting, over this handsome fellow. He's so utterly goofy. Once again the FP has captured his essence from a distance. :-)