Tuesday, November 6

Puppy Breath!

Is there anyone who is immune to the power of puppy breath? Certainly no one in FBRN can resist a pudgy tummy and those pin-sharp teefs! Here is a first report from Jac's lucky foster parents:

"We are happy to announce the arrival of our new foster baby! He came into FBRN's care a few nights ago. He came with the name Jac-o, but we are calling him Jac for short.

Good news is... he answers to Jac even better than Jac-o.

Jac is 13 weeks old & hails from Brooklyn, NY. He came into FBRN foster care when his dad realized he didn't have the time it would take to raise little Jac.

Jac has what seems to be the tail end of kennel cough so he is on antibiotics now.

The vet thought he may even have pneumonia so we xrayed for that & his lungs are
clear. He is still breathing/coughing yucky green mucus from his nose & mouth. He seems terribly underweight, although the vet said that we shouldn't be concerned about it.

He came to us on Monday night & since then, his eyes have brightened & his stool has firmed up & we hope he is packing on some weight for us.

He is starting to not be as wobbly on his legs as well. Poor little guy, he is as sweet as sugary pumpkin pie & loves to cuddle on laps. He has stolen everyones' heart that he has met.

Jac will be neutered after Thanksgiving & then will be ready for his forever parents to come & whisk him away to his new palace & lavish him with all the love that they can give this little prince... he will break our hearts when he goes home & we know everyone in our household will be in happy tears!!!"

That is one adorable puppy! sighs
The Frog Princess

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