Monday, November 12

Daisy Mae Checks In

Here is a note we received from former foster, Daisy Mae. Daisy Mae had serious anxiety problems, and any time there was a change in her life or her schedule she would break out and lose most of her coat.
We looked high and low for a family who could provide her with a super-stable home, and we found a perfect place for her. Check out Daisy Mae's nightgown! Why it is almost as nice as the one we wear in our own boudoir! Here's her mom's note:

"I wanted to give you a little update on Daisy. She has adjusted completely now. She does scratch at the door to go outside, no accidents, she plays and wrestles with Ralphie all the time, she has not even attempted to dash for the door anymore, she does not pull on her leash at all (unless she see's a rabbit) and she is just the cutest snuggle bug. She is just perfect! She hasn't even broken out, even when I went away for the weekend ( and she stayed home with Mike) she was fine.
I did take her to the doctor's yesterday just for a check up, nail trim, anal gland check, and ears. The vet said she was in great shape. She was screaming for mercy when they trimmed her nails though. She had a slight ear infection in her right ear, so the vet gave me medication for that. Also the vet wanted to ensure that her coat stays healthy (because of her known history of break-outs) and gave me salmon oil to put in her food. It will keep her coat nice and moisturized. Also, he gave me some wipes to wipe her tail area, because she has a inverted tail, so he wanted to keep it clean so bacteria does not grow in there.

I am just so happy with how far Daisy has come along, especially with your care, and am so happy and pleased to have her in our family. I have attached some pictures of her sleeping in our bed. She is a little sleeping beauty."

Indeed she is! What a happy dream she must be dreaming. All slow-moving bunnies and a world without nail clippers!

We have that dream, too, Daisy Mae.
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

The Sleeping Beauty Daisy Mae is gorgeous! She looks so content on the people bed. So glad to read of yet another happy FBRN ending!

I love her nightgown!! What a lucky girl to have a momma with such great fashionista sense!

More pics of Daisy Mae in her outfits, please!

Anonymous said...

She is a special angel with a warm and gentle soul!

Anonymous said...

OK so my frenchie guy was sitting on my lap when I read this blog...and he just panted away at that hot little momma in her hot little nitey...what a cutie pie!