Friday, September 3

Hitchcock Comes Home

Poor Hitchcock!  He was having a lot of pain from a problem with his hip.  Now that he's had a Femoral Head Ostectomy he's feeling a lot better--running and playing already!  Maybe you remember, this is the guy who got hurt when he fell into the grease pit at a local auto garage?

Here are some photos from Hitchcock's time recovering at the vet's.  The first photo was Day 1 after surgery, still feeling a bit groggy.  You can see his big scar.

And here's a photo of Hitch with his favorite vet tech, Heather, just before his release from durance vile.  Well, maybe not so vile.  He had a chance to make good friends with a beautiful vet tech, how vile could it be?

And the little boy in the photos whose name is Tim was waiting to hear about his own dog, who was spending some time in ICU.  He had a Pringle's can with some change in it for the vending machine.  When he shared with the foster mom that he was going to use it to adopt Hitch, our foster mom said he should maybe save it for his own dog's bill.   Tim gave her a look and told her it was *his* money and he could spend it the way he wanted.

You tell her, Tim.

That's a kid after our own heart, declares

The Frog Princess

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Helene said...

Poor baby!!! Glad Hitch is on the mend...