Saturday, September 25


One of our volunteers spent her birthday on Saturday driving up to meet a Pug Rescue of Sacramento volunteer who had picked up this girl from another of our volunteers to get her to her foster home.  Three women spent hours of their day to bring Marge into rescue.  What good eggs!

Marge weighs about 30 pounds, but she could stand to gain a few.  Her foster mom made an appointment to have her seen the very first day she was in foster care.  Her ears are terribly infected and swollen shut to the point that she has lost her hearing except for high pitched sounds.  She is blind in one eye and has only partial vision in the other from an untreated injury.  We hear from her previous owner that she is six years old and has had a litter of puppies.  We'll be laying in some groceries for Marge and she's already taking some antibiotics and pain relievers for the ears.  We are hoping that once the swelling subsides and we can clean out the ears some hearing will return.

Marge seems to prefer the company of women to men, but she pancakes whenever she is approached.  Right now, she is getting to know the dogs in her foster home, getting a hang of the routine and gaining some confidence.

Her foster mom reports that she is a "total love."

We think that this old girl will come into her own once she recovers her health and feels safe enough to come out of her shell.    Maybe Marge will be another Tandy, hopes

The Frog Princess

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Two French Bulldogs said...

Marge you are now in the best hands ever
Benny & Lily