Monday, September 13

Triple scoop!

What's your favorite Frenchie flavor?  Here we have Darwin (brindle), FBRN grad Maggy (fawn), and Harvey (fawn pied).
One of our volunteers dog-sat for another foster mom who was out of town over the Labor Day weekend.

She sent this photo and said:
"We are in Frenchie Bliss this holiday weekend. Darwin is in our company while J is back east for the weekend. Harvey, Darwin and our Grad Maggy are enjoying each other and a little couch time in the attached pic. Darwin is a doll. He is truly a six year old puppy, just sweet as can be."

Chocolate caramel swirl, butter pecan and dulce de leche?

We'd like a waffle cone with a scoop of each! screams

The Frog Princess


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How cute that they are laying down with their three tushes touching!!