Wednesday, September 8


Last month we brought you Rooster Cogburn, and it seemed impossible to us that the gods could send us any frog more fabulous.

And yet today we find that still more pulchritude has plopped upon our virtual porch.

This is Darwin.  Sure, Darwin might have been a better name for a beagle, but what's in a name?

Here's what his mom had to say about this giant  of the sciences:

"Darwin has been one of our easiest fosters. He is such an adaptable little guy. He is always so happy and has a big smile to prove it. He went to the vet today and everyone was just in love with him, and he did really great-- he was completely calm and even tried to give the vet kisses while he was looking in his eyes.

He listens very well and is always looking to see what we are doing and what he needs to be doing.
I would love his new family to be very patient with him. This seems to be the first time he has ever lived in a house and he is a very curious boy, so he often wants to explore the house--he looks under the bed, crawls under the coffee table, etc.

 His new family will need to treat him like a new puppy and teach him how to be loved by a family and how to live in a house! He is so sweet and good natured!  I know it will be easy for someone to love him!"

Easy? Easy?! Someone?  Someone?!  The entire reason humanity has evolved to this degree is in order to adopt and to adore a dog the likes of Darwin!

People will naturally leap to select this french bulldog, and if you are interested, you should make haste to apply for him as soon as he is available, goads

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

We love this kid!
Benny & Lily

Helene said...

Darwin reminds me of my dog, Griswald. Griswald is a brindle too & even though he turned 3 in March, he still acts like a puppy. He's always sniffing/snuffling in every nook & cranny & he dives into everything he does as if it's for the very first time. He does need more supervision & patience than most other dogs his age but he's so enthusiastic & into the moment that it makes everyone love him even more. Darwin is going to make some lucky family very happy.

Anonymous said...

Zut alors! Darwin is one cute Frenchie! Love the natural selection references, FP.

liz stein said...

beagle, heh heh.

Jerry said...

I wonder what Darwin would say about the beagle comment?