Thursday, September 9

Kees, Kees! Hug, Hug!

Heavens above!  Once more the skies have opened and the gods are pitching Frenchies at us like little big-headed, bug-eyed lightning bolts.  75 Frenchies since June 23rd.  Of those, about a third were from just 3 states: 13 were from Texas, 9 from Florida, 6 from New Jersey.  My friends!  It is madness around here!

One of our devoted foster parents got the call that a stray Frenchie, nearly hairless from allergies and skin infections,  but well-behaved, was in danger of being euthanized at a local shelter.  She donned her cape and rescue boots and golden lariat and off she went!  Here's what she had to say about her new foster, Kees:

"I went to pick up Kees at a County Humane Shelter about 1 hour from my house. He had been seen as a stray in town for a while and was picked up by Animal Control and held at their Shelter for 7 days but no one came looking for this pretty Pied boy! He was micro chipped  but the chip has never been registered.  He has severe allergies for starters. He has a cough, a runny nose, an eye infection and needs to be at least 28 lbs or so, he is 20 lbs and in some places his spine pokes through his skin. What can I say about the odor??? Stench!!!

My husband is a good man! We took his brand new truck so we would have room behind the seat for a kennel for Kees. It is in the 90's here and Kees was hot so we turned on the air but it would have been easier with the windows open! My husband is now outside trying to air out his new car! I am sure Kees is not housebroken, he looks like a back yard dog to me!!! He even has a bald spot from some collar. I know I should have waited until he sees our Vet tomorrow, but we could not breathe, so we have given him 2 baths with some Oatmeal shampoo I use on Vinnie, the water in the tub was mud.
We were not planning on fostering right now, we are going away in 2 weeks on vacation and again in October. He just needed to be brought into our Rescue.  He has a place to lay his skinny head for now. He seems sweet and knows language because when I talk to him he turns his head sideways to see what I am saying. We have tried all dog names known to men to see if that is his name? He is calm and friendly.
About the shelter: Amazing!!! Huge, brand new. Looked like a Hospital, large round reception desk, computers, Staff everywhere, amazing kennels for the dogs, about 300 of them! They told me they do euthanize but try to place as many with Rescues as they can! It was the prettiest shelter I have ever seen, Vet on Staff! Kees received his shots and was neutered before I could pick him up, no dog leaves there unfixed.

I walked him around our whole property to show him the horses and he followed me everywhere, came when called, went inside when told, is a dream on a leash!!! This dog had a home at one time.

Long letter but we can all be proud that we make room for Frenchies like this, out in the street, starving! He is not eating at all. I will ask our Vet for advise tomorrow."

Kees really did get lucky.  First to be picked up by such a lovely shelter, and then to be offered to rescue rather than euthanized!  We love to work with shelters, and we are so grateful when shelters will work with us!

That boy needs some food he isn't allergic to, stat!  We know we can find it--it might take a little while.  We found Kees a new foster mom--you can see photos of the handoff above.  No word about the condition of the new truck.  But that is dedication for you!  That is the kind of selflessness we see every day in FBRN, boasts

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

You are now in a good place little man
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

Do you have any advice? My FBRN girl, Chanel, appears to have a small "hot spot" on her front arm pit. She's not scratching or biting it, but there's no fur right there. Its about the size of a dime. I'm just worried because I always hear about all of the skin conditions Frenchies are prone to having. She eats top of the line lamb and rice dog food.



Frog Princess said...

Hi, Krista!
We don't give veterinary advice because the one time it seems like there is an obvious answer to a basic no-big-deal problem will be the one time it turns out to be a big deal!
Take your girly in to the vet and see what she says. Maybe it's a little allergy or maybe it's an infected spider bite.
Keep us posted!