Thursday, August 19

A letter from camp

Well, camping, anyway.  FBRN grad Nicolette, now called Edie, got to go camping earlier this month.

Do you think this thing has any fleas in it?

After seeing these pictures, we are thinking a weekend by the river would be very nice.  Very nice.

Here's the note her mom sent:  ""We went camping with the pup this weekend... We had so much
fun—she was great! And adorable, as you can see by these photos :)"

The Pacific northwest is really a great place to be if you like the out of doors.  And Edie looks like she has taken to it like a true Duck!

Or Husky.  Or Beaver.  Or Cougar, or whatever the hey your team may be!

Fun in the beautiful woods can wear you out, but you certainly do sleep well at night!

It's been far too long since we've enjoyed a nice angel on horseback--or s'mores, as we've heard them called--around the campfire.  It's time to get out in the forest! resolves

The Frog Princess


Molly's Mommy said...

OMG, Edie looks so adorable in her Daniel Boone hat!!

Anonymous said...

mmmm....s'mores..... I wonder how those would be with a little cheese on top?
just wonderin'
Joey One Eye

Kelz World said...

oh my goodness!!! that last picture of that sweet sleeping baby makes me wanna squeeze'em!!!! so relaxing!

Anonymous said...

The cuteness of the first picture is overwhelming. I laughed out loud!