Thursday, September 16

Anybody Wanna See Puppy Pictures?

Last week a Frenchie girl was surrendered to FBRN.  She'd been found a month or so ago by a Good Samaritan who papered his town with posters and advertised and did all the things he had to do to find the Frenchie's owner.  No luck.

This is Destin.  We think she looks sad.  

It was hard to know how long she'd been out on the streets.  She was filthy, emaciated, terrified, and she was simply a pitiful vehicle for parasites, inside and outside.  But, thank god, no heartworm.

This is Destin in the midst of surgery.  

Last week the Good Samaritan looked us up and surrendered her.  Her foster mom named her Destin, for a pretty town in Florida.

On Destin's first visit to the vet, her foster mom pointed out that Destin was funny-looking.  We worried that she was full of worms--which she was--but who'd've guessed that she was full of puppies--which she also was!

This is the first male puppy, a brindle.  There were 3 boys and 3 girls.

At least four little puppy skulls and tiny bodies were swimming around inside this girl!  That's quite a cargo for a dog who was emaciated and homeless for at least a month of her pregnancy.  We were worried for her.

 Second and third puppies:  a pied girl and another brindle boy.

But the vets and staff at Coral Veterinary Clinic were wonderful, and our volunteer got plenty of advice from our breeder volunteers about how to make Destin comfortable and how to know when it was time.  And this morning, it was time!

We wish you could have been reading the volunteer email list this morning.  Rarely has there ever been such tension, excitement, joy and delight amongst our volunteers.

A chubby little pied girl!  Can you see her curly tail?

Destin is doing very well!  Four of the puppies are doing very well.  Two of the puppies are not doing as well as the others, so we are keeping a good thought for them.  We don't know whether they are all Frenchie.  They all have little curly corkscrew tails, so maybe not.

 We heard everyone in the clinic except the receptionist came in to help with the babies!

We hope you will join us in sending good thoughts and well-wishes to the puppies and their mamma!  And while you are at it, please send some warm wishes to the volunteer who signed up to foster one dog, and wound up with seven!

A little morsel of life.  An "item of mortality."  Wish her luck.

Thanks again to everyone at Coral Veterinary Clinic!  If you'd like to send a donation to help with the costs of delivery and the babies' needs as they grow, you can go to our PayPal link and tell us it's for Destin and her babies in the little box for comments on your checkout page.

What an accomplishment for Destin, bringing all these puppies into the world, even without prenatal care and even though she was starving herself.

Mom and babies: Two brindle boys, one pied boy, 3 pied girls.

Amazing that they all survived, marvels

The Frog Princess


Tuggysmom said...

That is so amazing! We will be praying for Destin and her puppies. God bless FBRN for taking care of them!

Two Pugs in a Pod said...

Corkscrew tails? Could they be pug/frenchies? Omg, I'll just die. Can't wait to see them grow! Pulling for the little ones.

Molly's Mommy said...

What an amazing girl Destin is! She looks like she is a great mommy, too. Sending lots of loving thoughts for good health to her and her puppies...I'm thinking Frenchie/Pug mix. So cute!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures. Any puppy news this week?

Anonymous said...

Any news on how Destin & her babies are doing??