Friday, September 10

Who Doesn't Love a Rubber Chicken?

Pippi Longstocking is a newcomer to FBRN.  Her spinal surgery didn't have the hoped-for results, so she's looking for a special adopter who can handle the needs that come with a partly paralyzed frogdog.

We hear the girl has so much energy there is just no slowing her down--even without a working pair of back legs.

Her favorite thing?  A rubber chicken.

We ourselves love a good rubber chicken and a pair of Groucho glasses.  These are the two best novelty items ever invented, in the informed opinion of

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

nothing beats a good rubber chicken! what a sweet little girl!

Unknown said...

I saw the post on about her, and i must say it was a little mean. I'd have no problem taking her, at all, i'd love to have her, i've talked about her a lot, and posted a couple posts on my blog/facebook for donations to help me pay for her.
My only concern is, i would like to know about how much it'd cost a year for vet bills/medication/wheelchair repairs. Other than that, i'd take her in a second

Frog Princess said...

One way to talk to the foster family about a dog you are interested in is to fill out an application and say you have questions about the dog and would like to speak to the foster family.