Thursday, September 23

Gratuitous Beefcake: Grant

We heard from his foster mom that Grant, the fawn pied hunk of burning love here, has finally tested negative for worms!

Let us rejoice!

He celebrated his new passenger-free status by beating up on his foster brother Cooper in a vicious match of Frenchie wrasslin'.

He has no shame in thoroughly besting his foster brother.  Doesn't give a thought to the fact that he's just a guest and it might be nice to throw a match now and then.
But that's just not the way Grant operates.

Grant's foster mom says, "I am sharing some pics from Grant and Cooper's (resident frog) play session a few days ago. These two guys are silly- one minute they are bickering like brothers then the next they madly adore each other. Boys- go figure."

One of these days this handsome athlete will be ready to make his appearance on the available page.  Till then, he's building up his stamina and muscles in a lovely green backyard in Texas.

Meanwhile, we certainly hope that foster brother of his is a good sport.  We shudder to think of the kinds of payback that could be dealt out to an unsuspecting French bulldog.

Shudder to think, shudders

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

You guys are adorable!! YippE for NO WORMS!!
Benny & Lily

Heather Stone said...

Such a great foster Mama you are! Those 2 are soo precious!! Manolo says hi and wishes she could join in on the fun!

Debra & Drake said...

OH I love the 4 paws in the air!!!! cutie patootie!! Grant should come and wiv wif us says Drake! :)

Anonymous said...

Not since Smeagol...hey, it's been too long since we've seen Smeagol! Talk about a need for gratuitous beefcake! Young Grant is gorgeous, but there's something about an older frog....

Teri B. said...

oh my gosh! we just fell in love with little grant. and a toe nibbler? that's EXACTLY what our dear sydney used to do... attack of the toes greetings for everyone.

when's this little man going to be available for a forever home? looks like him and our hunter (a frenchie) would play just the same as Cooper.

thank you for taking such good care of a sweet frog!