Wednesday, May 19

It's Our Blogiversary!

And Smeagol is here to celebrate!

Four years ago the blog set sail with a photo of Willow, a puppy mill survivor.  

Over the years the blog has recorded many happy stories, a number of sad tales, and some educational pieces for the entertainment and instruction of passersby.

Here are some fun facts to know and tell about this blog.

The keywords that send most people here are "tail amputation." 

(That is sad.)

Most of our visitors come from California and New York, with Texas, Pennsylvania and Florida tied for 3rd.

We've had international visitors from many countries.  Canada and Japan lead the way, with many visits from Germany, Great Britain and The Netherlands.  We were interested to see we'd had a visitor from Malta recently, and we took the opportunity to learn a little bit about that island's fascinating history.

This post marks the 825th post.  As of this writing, the blog has garnered 460, 075 hits. 

On our fourth blogiversary, we wish to thank the many bloggers who link to this site!

Thanks to our 45 followers and to all the folks who keep us on their RSS feeds.

Our readers leave us wonderful comments, and we read them all!  Thank you!

We would like to thank you all for kindly dropping in.
You're all invited back next time to this locality
To have a heapin' helpin' of our hospitality.

(We are afraid our wasted youth is coming home to roost.) 

What we mean to say is thank you all for your support and readership.  Thank you for sending us photos and stories of your adopted dogs.  Thank you for sponsoring FBRN's dogs, for caring about our fosters, and for following their stories.  Thank you for coming back to see what we are up to, and for not leaving retaliatory earworms.  Thanks everyone!

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

I love, love, love this blog. I check it daily. When I see the amazing work that FBRN, its board, volunteers and friends do, "it makes me want to be a better person."

Thank you for reminding us of the amazing things that shared kindness can accomplish and the transfigurative power of love.

Anonymous said...

Ah, congrats, FP, and thank you for providing an addict with her "Smeogol fix"! It's been 'way too long since we've seen his handsome mug. All the best to FBRN and wishes for continued success/effectiveness in the ongoing mission of saving Frenchie lives!

Anonymous said...

SMEAGOL!!!!!!!! Well that just made my whole month! Happy Blogiversary to my favorite Blog and of course to her highness!