Friday, May 21

Sweets to the Sweet!

A Frenchie-shaped candy dish (or paperclip holder or teabag holder or just plain objet d'art) is up for auction!  It was donated to FBRN and the proceeds benefit our frogdogs.

Meet Queso.
Go.  Bid Large.  It's for dogs like Queso (she'll be up on the website next week.  She's itchy with allergies).

This is Emily

If you win this candy dish, you'll also be helping girls like Emily, who has Addison's disease and skin problems that we are getting under control.

                                              Trini's 1,000 yard stare.

And if that lovely glass French bulldog winds up resting on your coffee table or your desk or in your curio cabinet with your other French bulldog collectibles, you can think to yourself that not only did you support that dangerous but irresistible habit of collecting Frenchie related objects, you also--and perhaps more importantly--made it possible for FBRN to be there when Trini needed us most.
She was found wandering loose and unwanted, if you can believe that!  Frankly, we are astonished. 

The bidding is underway!  Check it out.  Make an offer.  Come back later and make another one.  You might even consider checking shortly before the bidding ends to see if you are going to be fortune's favorite, and if so, you'll be favoring FBRN's frogdogs, too, declares

The Frog Princess
                                       This is what it's all about.  Dale in his new home.

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Two French Bulldogs said...

Awesome...we will check it out. Queso is adorable, poor baby
Benny & Lily