Wednesday, May 12

Flat Brutus and Tanner

We are so lucky in FBRN to have such loyal and generous supporters!  Here's a photo of one of our new fosters, Tanner, with his friend, Flat Brutus.

Flat Brutus is making the rounds of Frenchie and flat-faced dog lovers all over the world.  He is the brainchild of FBRN's friend Michelle and her friend Brutus, a Frenchie who loves agility training.  The Flat Brutus World Tour has been underway for over a month, and here you can see an update on Michelle's blog with lots more photos of Flat Brutus. 

Here's what Tanner's foster mom said about Tanner.  And Flat Brutus!

"I want to introduce Tanner...a brindle pied. I believe he is  3 yr. old, not neutered , and has a cherry eye. He also has an ear infection. He had a vet visit this afternoon and is heart worm negative and also his fecal was negative. The most serious problem is his breathing. The vet believes he has a very elongated soft palate. Eating is difficult for him. Tanner is very thin and weighs in at 33 lbs. He is a big boy...
We did the spa thing today and he jumped right in the tub and totally enjoyed being bathed. No problem cutting nails or cleaning ears... Tanner can jump 4-5 ft with now effort. He knows sit and is housebroken. He has been exposed to cats and dogs and is fine with both.
     M. was nice enough to bring him to the FBRN Social. I was lucky enough to win custody of Flat Brutus for a week. So the enclosed picture is of Tanner and Brutus accompanying him to his vet visit..."
There are more accounts of Flat Brutus on the FBRN facebook page for those who are interested.  
The ingenuity and generosity of our supporters and volunteers is just wonderful!  We offer our thanks and praise to folks who make giving fun for everyone.  Thank you, Michelle and Brutus!  You are both smart AND good looking, in the opinion of
The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh Flatty
We can't believe you made it over to our friends at FBRN. You are hysterical. We feel privelaged to have hosted you at our house. Yea for FBRN.
Benny & Lily

BRUTUS said...

We are so honored by the mention of Flat Brutus by the honorable Frog Princess!

Who would have thought our "little" project could turn out to be so popular and a great benefit for FBRN! I guess we put the "fun" in FUNdraising - Flat Brutus brings smiles to faces of friends & strangers alike wherever he goes!

We hope this goes down in FBRN history as one of your most memorable projects :)

Michelle & Brutus

Mia said...

Yeah for Brutus and Tanner!! We are so lucky to have such great friends on the blogs always willing to help when they can! Brutus and Michelle are great and are doing a great thing for FBRN!!!


Jess & Lilo