Tuesday, May 11

Mia Sophia Walks Again!

Poor little girl. She's only five months old, but she was surrendered when her elbow was broken and her owners couldn't afford to have it fixed.

One of the veterinary technicians at the clinic where Mia's surgery was done fell in love and offered on the spot to foster her. So we hurried up the volunteer paperwork and before you could put a cast on a puppy, she was approved.

Here is her first report on the adorable Mia Sophia. When you look at the photos of this puppy, try not to burst into spontaneous song.

Breathe deep to keep your heart rate from climbing too high. You might even have to smear some petroleum jelly on the screen to keep the sheer sweetness factor from sending you into a diabetic coma.

Foster mom says: "...when this cutie came into our clinic with a broken leg and I found out the owners had given her up because they couldn't afford to fix her, I just had to take her home with me.

She is settling in well with my husband and 3 kids and golden retriever, Jackson; they have become best buddies. She goes to work with me every day and is thoroughly spoiled by everyone. She gets to see her surgeon daily and he says she is doing well. We also started physical therapy this week.

She got to swim in the tank for the first time yesterday. She swam very well and is starting to use her leg more often. The physical therapist is now working with her daily."

You can stop by her foster page and send her a kiss and sponsorship donation to cover some of her surgery if you like. She's adorable, that's for sure, and she'll be available in a month or two, when the cast comes off.

If perfect puppies are your cuppa tea, start polishing your application skills; that's the advice of

The Frog Princess

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Mia said...

She is SO CUTE!!!!!!!! This sweet baby should have no trouble finding a good home!!! Hope her physical therapy goes well!! Can't wait to hear about her progress!


Jess & Lilo