Saturday, May 29

Tandy's Happy Ever After

You may remember Tandy.  She was one of the Missouri 6, puppy mill dogs bought by a Good Samaritan and turned over to FBRN to rehome.  Well, not rehome, exactly, since she'd never had a home to start with.

Tandy was the most frightened dog her foster mom had ever seen.  She pancaked anytime a person came near.  She wouldn't eat, she was depressed; she was an emotionally dead dog.  For about 2 weeks.

And then somebody yelled "Clear!" stuck the paddles on her broken heart and voi-the hey-la!  A new girl emerged.

Here is a little movie of Tandy in her new home with her new English bulldog buddies.  She is so full of energy and playfulness and joy--it's hard to believe this is the same dog who came to us from that puppymill auction.

We hope to see many more videos of Tandy playing her heart out.

She deserves this happiness.

And we should all be proud that we were able to give it to her, declares
The Frog Princess


L. Jensen said...


Stella W. said...

We're so happy for Tandy. She's come such a long way!

Someday, puppy mills won't be able to do this to dogs and it can't be a moment too soon!

Anonymous said...

Voi- the hey-La is RIGHT! Go Tandy!