Friday, May 14


Vern is a relative newcomer to FBRN, and we expect him to make his appearance on the available page shortly. He's a very handsome cream boy, a little past the prime of life, but with few outstanding issues. He went to the vet last week, and this is what his foster mom said about him.

"Vern went to the vet today and aside from a broken tooth and some dry dandruffy skin, he is in great health!  The only thing left from his staph infection are some greasy spots under his fur.  He was microchipped and given a rabies shot.  The screech he let out broke my heart.  Afterwards he turned to me and put his paws on my shoulders.  Poor little guy needed a hug and and he pepped up pretty quickly. 

I left with a clean bill of health and instructions to use a medicated shampoo once a week until his skin goes back to normal.  They are doing a fecal test (yay!) and I will have the results on that tomorrow.  The Dr did say he had a bit of cloudiness in his eyes, has small nares and he would benefit from some dentistry, but at his age..probably just let the old guy enjoy his golden years.

He came to work with me today and of course everyone fell in love with him.  Nobody seems to understand that they have to follow the rules in applying for him properly, which means waiting til he goes to the available dog page.  Of course this could be all words, but I have asked quite a few people to put their $$ where their mouth is and sponsor him in the meantime ;)

Vern is a big pile of mush and is fine with all people, young and old, short and tall.  He isn't TERRIBLY interested in other dogs, but doesn't seem to mind them either.  We don't have any cats in the house, but I can't imagine him caring either way.  Thankfully, he isn't whiny or needy, but when he has a chance to nap by my side he is expected to be accommodated.  He just looks up at me until he is picked up and promptly falls asleep in T-15 seconds :)

That's about it for now.  I see no reason why he can't go to the available dog page at the appropriate time following the FBRN time frame."

We see the little pink kiss on his pretty head.  It reminds us of the Wizard of Oz books and the kiss on Dorothy's head that would take her safely through Oz.   We certainly hope the kiss and good wishes of our friends carries Vern safely through this adventure on his way to finding his way home.  Avoid the flying monkeys!  Stick close to your friends!  Sage advice from

The Frog Princess

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Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh my goodness we luv Vern.
Benny & Lily