Sunday, May 30

Capt. Mac Looking for a Crew

Capt. Mac is a special guy.  He's going to require a special person or people who are willing to look past his past and focus on their future together.  He won't do well with people who are going to spoil him to make up for what he's been through.  The best family for Capt. Mac will know that dogs feel most comfortable when they are sure of their people and their world.  They like to know who the boss is, and they like to feel they have a place in the grand scheme of things.  

Capt. Mac's foster mom sent us a note about him earlier this month along with some photos.  If you live in the northeast and have experience with or willingness to learn about dogs who require loving firmness, check out his bio.  

"Though not much is known of his past, it seems that Mac spent much of his life being neglected, possibly a backyard breeder's dog. Mac was surrendered to FBRN after a neighbor of the original owner tried to offer Mac a home but was bitten. Mac was adopted and returned to FBRN after feeling uncomfortable around the man of the house and biting him also. Although Mac can clearly feel threatened by men, he was fine with his patient foster dad while in Florida.  
Mac had some health issues when he came to FBRN and has had a hernia repair, some teeth removed and a couple of recurring eye infections but is now in top form. He has a paralysed larynx which can make him sound noisy when he breathes, but otherwise he seems fine. After many months of toilet training Mac is now a very clean boy and asks to go outside; he very rarely has an accident.
Mac is an insecure little man prone to anxieties, but with the right guidance he has learned to relax more and build his confidence. Mac isn't great around other dogs but actually seems more comfortable with a calm larger breed like the Boxers in his foster home. Mac can be prone to separation anxiety so he'll need a firm but kind human in his life to help keep him on track with some basic ground rules. A funny and affectionate little man, Mac loves to cuddle up and give lots of kisses, he's a great snuggle buddy and a wonderful companion and would suit a retired person or someone who works at home.  He only needs moderate exercise and loves to keep you company in the yard when the weather is nice for gardening or just relaxing.
Mac would not do well in the city or in a busy household and will be looking for a quiet residence without children to call his forever home. A fenced yard is preferred but not required. You will need to visit Mac at least twice  prior to adoption and live within a three hour radius of New Haven CT to be able to build a relationship with him and to get post adoption support if needed."

We hope that Capt. Mac will find his people soon.  It is very sad that his past has left him with fear and scars, but the more positive experiences he has and the more confident he is in the solidity of the structures around him, the safer and more relaxed he will feel.

Say, is that a cupcake beside Capt. Mac, or are we just seeing things, hungrily wonders

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

We sure do wish the best for Mac
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

Capt. Mac is the cheesiest. Good for him
Joey One eye

Basil Oliver Brown (Duval) said...

I lived with Cap Mac at our foster mom's home. My mom and dad got to meet him too when he came up to the NE. He's so sweet. I hope he finds a good home because he deserves it.