Monday, November 16


Prepare to lose your heart. Take one look at this girl's pretty grin and take a deep breath. She can only have one forever family. She's brand new to the foster page, but keep her in your sights! Here is a note from her foster mom about Lorna:

"Such a sweetie and a hoot. I picked her up Sunday from her surrendering owner that had her for a month. She was aggressive toward her three dogs and she didn't have time to correct her. She has skin allergies and is on antibiotics for that, but the vet said she is in good health. May have a tail issue, with an infected inverted corkscrew, but we are going to get a second opinion. She takes her meds very well and doesn't mind me cleaning her tail at all. I have her on a grain free diet for her allergies and hopefully that will clear them up. She is already spayed, chipped and up to date on shots.

She is very much an alpha girl and will do better in an only dog home. She loves me and my husband and will sleep curled up and the bottom of the bed. She loves to run and play and is very active for 4 years. She is house trained, leash and crate trained. She listens very well and if you tell her no, she will stop. Like, 'No, Lorna, get off your foster brother!!!' She is ok with him, but she ignores him most of the time. He is very submissive and figured out very quick that she did not want to play. Now my alpha female bully is a whole other issue.

Lorna is a lap dog and will follow us around all night. She is good with her toys and will let us have them, so no aggression there. She was in the house with a 2 year-old and was just wonderful with her. I think she would love some kids to play with and follow around. I have taken her for walks in the neighborhood and she loves everyone that comes up to us.
So really other than not doing well with other dogs,she would be a great companion. House, apartment, condo... she would love any of them and do very well.
She came from a breeder that surrendered her to an Oklahoma rescue. So she has had puppies, but she is an all around happy 25 lb. girl. Really perfect looking little girl. Very pretty honey, almost brindle. She reminds me of a longhorn with the way her spots are on her back."

We do enjoy reading about other Frenchie females with personalities similar to

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh Lorna thank goodness for foster sure are a cutie
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

ohhhh, what a delicious grin and so very kissable!!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful young woman! I hope your tail feels better soon!

yummylicorice said...

Where does Lorna live??