Thursday, November 5

It was a Chelsea morning

We got a long note from Chelsea's foster mom and a lot of great photos this morning!

"Hello all - I know I am a bit overdue with an update on Chelsea, but the good news is that she's been doing great! She had a few setbacks with her skin/allergies, but now the itchies are basically under control and her fur is growing in nice and shiny. She's even starting to get a little fur on her bald monkey face! Chelsea has also turned into a nonstop playing machine - I guess all the energy she put into scratching is now coming out in a much more positive way. I think my adult Frenchies are getting a little tired, as she goes, goes, goes. She's turned into the little sister that won't stop leaving you alone until you play with her! They've been good sports though, and everyone is getting along great. Her forever family will have to be very active so she can get that energy out - the vet noted how athletic she is with a strong heart. I think she would also be great in a house with younger children - she came from a home with three young children and when we go out for a walk by the playground in our community park and she sees children, she perks right up and looks like she really wants to be there.

Chelsea is pretty much housebroken, as long as she has access to the outdoors.
She is not good at letting you know that she has to go and she likes to do it in private, but as long as I leave the back door open and she can get outside, she will do it outside. She is a perfect candidate for a home with a doggie door.
She's doing well on her manners too - she will sit and wait for her food (when asked) and if she's ever getting into something she shouldn't (such as pulling socks and underwear out of the laundry), a quick "no!" is all it takes to get her back on track. She is very food motivated so she would probably be very successful with just a little obedience training.
Chelsea is being spayed tomorrow (please keep her in your thoughts!) and as long as she recovers well and her itchies are minimized, she will probably be going on the Available page soon. Here are a few pictures - her tongue is definitely her signature mark and unbearably cute!"
That sweater and the tongue together are, indeed, killer, affirms

The Frog Princess

PS Everyone, please keep a good thought for Chelsea as she undergoes her spay surgery!
PSS Chelsea's foster mom pointed out that where sponsors' names should be, there is a big white space. How is this possible?
PSSS Chelsea has come out of her spay just fine and dandy!

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Two French Bulldogs said...

Chelsea you are adorable. You are in our thoughts for a full recovery
Benny & Lily