Monday, November 16

Raspberry Jam

Raspberry was rockin' the house and jammin' with the band at UTenn vet school! She won hearts and took names, and by the time she left, her foster mom had run out of business cards advertising the rescue. Raspberry was supposed to go back to her foster mom a state or two away, but because her recovery time is extended, she might just stay in TN until we find someone worthy of her sweetness.

Raspberry's hiatal hernia was the longest her surgeon had ever seen. Looky there at that zipper on poor Raspberry. As James Thurber might say, it runs clear from her guggle to her zatch!

The first night and day following the surgery was a little nerve-wracking, but the second morning after the surgery, things looked better, and Raspberry is now out of the hospital and home with her foster family and siblings. Here's what her foster mom had to say about her on the second day:

"It is likely Raspberry will be discharged from UT tomorrow. She had a rough start this morning - would not eat or drink water. She did eat this afternoon and now they need to make sure she keeps food down for 24 hours and that her GI tract functions normally (i.e. see her poop). The specialist would like for her to return there in 2 weeks for her recheck & suture removal so it looks like she'll have a couple more weeks visiting in TN.

I did go visit with her for a bit this afternoon. She is moving slower but every bit as sweet."

We love to read the sponsors' notes to our dogs, especially when the dogs are feeling low or sickly. Raspberry has some nice notes and they brightened our day here in the rainy, cold and unappealing kingdom. Maybe these loving, supportive notes will boost your mood, too? wonders

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

Rasberry..our paws are crossed for your full recovery. You sure are a cutie.
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

raspberry, sweet and tart...aren't you adorable! hope you feel all better soon, and find a wonderful forever home.
lucas and his mom (and those kitty brudders)

Anonymous said...

I'm having raspberries with my breakfast cereal and they are just as delicious as sweet Raspberry!

Unknown said...

I hope you have a speedy recovery Raspberry!