Thursday, November 26

Gwendolyn Finds a Foster Home

Gwendolyn has an interesting story, and we found out only the bare bones. She was found a stray and picked up by animal control. A volunteer took her in and had her scanned, but it turns out there was no current information there--in fact, the chip had been sold in a lot to a company that was able to tell us who bought the chip. We located the breeder who had had the chip inserted but never registered it, and she said the dog had been purchased to breed, but had never produced. She was auctioned at a large midwest auction house with other non-producing breeders.

Somehow, she made her way from the auction house to life as a pet, because she is housebroken and knows how to play with toys and she deals with city sounds quite well.
We don't know her story. We might have been able to tell you more, but because the chip was never registered, we have no way of knowing who she belonged to. Let this be a lesson: don't put off registering your dog's chip!

Here is a note from her foster mom:
"Had a good morning with this special girl.

She is still pretty sluggish from the drugs/surgery but appears to be SUPER sweet.

She is housebroken and was excited to go outside this morning for a walk. I have been carrying her up and down the stairs bc her surgery spot looks pretty irritated and uncomfortable. I don't want to further any discomfort.

I actually think that she is much older than a year.

My partner says it looks like she was a mom - I have no idea....
She is submissive when we go to pet her (will either melt her head into our hands/lap) or lay down for a belly rub.

She is not eating/drinking - which worries me. She has been sick a few times and has kennel cough. She wouldnt take her medicine, not even with peanut butter and Gabe had to open her mouth to get it in, which she was fine with. She has these really intense eyes and she is always looking at us, but not in an aggressive kind of way. I am at work now but I can't wait to get home to spend more time with her. She seems totally lovely."

We hope Gwendolyn is feeling better after her spay and is enjoying some Thanksgiving leftovers with her foster brother! Come to think of it, we are about ready for a nice turkey sandwich, considers

The Frog Princess

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Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh Gwendolyn poor baby. We are so happy to hear you are safe in a caring home. Happy Friday
Benny & Lily