Thursday, November 12

eBay Auctions on Now!

Find something for every Frenchie fiend!

There are 3 fabulous items listed on eBay that were donated to FBRN to help raise funds for our rescue frenchies.

First item is a "Tres Chic" pink faux mink dog coat that is first offering in the Ultimate Diva Coat Collection by Donna G. The coat is hand-made by a professional seamstress and is flawless.

Second and third items are French Bulldog prints and visit the links below to bid on any of these items.

All proceeds benefit FBRN foster pups! Thank you.

"Tres Chic" pink faux mink dog coat

French Bulldog in 1913 Cream of Wheat ad

Print from painting that appeared in National Geographic by Walter Weber


Two French Bulldogs said...

Very cool. We thought that was Pawris Hilton for a minute!
Benny & Lily

Letitia said...

What a beautiful coat!! If only Clyde was a girl...

The Frenchsters said...

Lucy would eat that coat before I got one paw in. I think it's fabulous--and the model is even fabulouser.