Saturday, November 21


Oreo is a good dog. She has some special needs and she's had some tough breaks, but FBRN was there when her back went phut! and she has bounced back to near-normal condition. Here's an update on Oreo from her foster mom:

"Oreo has really improved in all areas. She has been off crate rest for two weeks. Daily walks have increased her balance and stamina. (The only time I notice that she has any trouble is when we are walking down hill, but even that has come along so that she only stumbles if she is trying to run down the hill.) Now that she is feeling better, she barks much less. We put her crate in our bedroom at night and as long as she can see/hear us, she is quiet all night. Her housetraining has returned to near normal parameters as well. She's gone from barely being able to hold it for an hour (right after her surgery 6 weeks ago) to easily going 4 hours during the day and 8-9 hours overnight between potty breaks. Woohoo!

Socially she is also much better. She can now walk side-by-side with my Frenchie, Pip, when we take the dogs out. She still doesn't like it when anyone pays attention to him in the house, but she will redirect when told. She is getting better about not jumping up on people, but it's hard because my family does not ignore her when they come in. (Need to work more on training the humans first, then the dog.) She is still not good with smaller dogs. My Mom's puppy was here yesterday and Oreo thought he should be lunch. But that's why I listed her as an only dog in her available bio.

The only bad news is that Oreo has not gotten one single application. She's a great dog for someone who doesn't have other pets, and can be a strong leader for her. If you know of anyone that is interested, please send them our way."

We have no generalized opinion of small or youthful dogs. We enjoy the company of a wide variety of acquaintances and try to pass no judgment on our fellow canines based on any exterior or age-related quality. That said, we have known an occasional and quickly suppressed impulse to see the color of any number of animals' livers. We are very grateful for an excellent upbringing that has taught us always to stifle such curiosity. It's all a part of noblesse oblige, a sadly dwindling concept in our modern world, observes

The Frog Princess


Smushie Ranch said...

We hope that Oreo finds her forever home soon. We'll keep our ears to the ground for someone lookin' for a cutie just like Oreo!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Every time mom looks at this site (every day) she wants to take all you guys home. Kudos to all the foster pawrents
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

oreo looks just delicious! my mom is trying to convince my gramys that they need a frenchie too. i hope oreo gets lucky and finds a forever home so santa can bring her lots of nice presents.

Unknown said...

I hope you find a home soon Oreo! You look sweeter than the cookie you were named after. Your foster family is doing a super job with you - you are so lucky to have them!

Maria Graham said...

Oreo, I had a great time playing with you and you were fun to snuggle with by the campfire! I loved listening to you snore! I promise to tell all my friends about you. I know there is the perfect forever family out there for you so keep you chin up!