Saturday, June 6


Poor Garbo! Her skin is a mess! Once we got the demodex under control and the staph infection cleared up, we discovered the poor girl suffers from allergies!

And now the doctor says poor Garbo is having some adolescent breakouts! Here's what her foster mom said about her last vet visit:

"What can I say about Lady Garbo! I took her to the vet on Saturday for a checkup regarding her skin. There has not been much improvement, yet. But Dr. P stated she does have clogged glands, i.e. Black heads. The teenage years! So Lady Garbs will have spa day twice a week. One day with the benzyl/peroxide and the other day with Malaseb.

Lady Garbs is learning the wait command. She is up to 5 seconds, but she also waits to be asked up on the couch. She is also walking better on the leash, until we get to the vet's office, then all fours are planted in the emergency brake zone.

And go figure, she will not pick up toy, but a dead bird she will bring you. We do not know how the bird died, but it was in the yard.

Lady Garbo loves to lounge around. She is such a good girl."

We cannot approve the habit of carrying around quite recently dead things. Garbo must attend finishing school to learn all about what is seemly and what is unbecoming in a Frenchie. However, we are gratified to learn that Garbo enjoys a good lounging. She has that in common with

The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

So happy to see Garbo feeling better!