Thursday, June 4

Tinker's triumph!

Tinker has turned around! She came to us a living mess of owies, sores and ugly behavior, but after several weeks of consistent, careful treatment, her skin is pink
and healing and even her attitude has changed. From not giving a Tinker's damn about what people wanted or thought of her, to a girl with a winning grin and happy demeanor, little Tink is twinkling, now. Let's let her foster mom tell it:

"A twice-daily antibiotic, daily medicated wipe, and twice-weekly medicated shampoo have worked their magic on Tinker's sores--they no longer bleed or ooze pus. Now that she's feeling better, this angry, unhappy snapper has turned into a loving, even-tempered doll-baby who raises her right paw to ask for attention and does happy pirouettes when she sees her leash.

Tinker is awaiting the results of a thyroid test. We're cautiously optimistic that two years of chronic skin issues can be resolved with a daily dose of synthetic hormone.

As she's blossomed in FBRN, Tinker has revealed two quirks (Frenchies don't have faults, you know):

First, she's not interested in being part of a multi-dog household, and had to be moved to a single-dog foster home. There's no 'i' in pack, but there is in Tinker,
and this old gal is happiest when the house is quiet and the love has only to be divided into two. (Not dividing the love at all would be fine with her also.) Second, Tinker is not photogenic. These pictures do not do her justice.

Tinker is a healthy girl whose only issue is her skin, yet she's already racked up close to $500 in vet bills. Summer's coming, bringing with it invoices for heartworm preventative and tick repellent--your donations help FBRN continue to keep those repulsive, dangerous parasites at bay for all our dogs."

Let's hear it for those donations that keep our fosters safe from heartworm, fleas, and worms! If you have dogs, you know how expensive those doses are, and you know
how necessary they are, especially in certain areas of the country and for allergy dogs.

We've got a number of fosters who haven't had anyone offer to sponsor them.

If it's been a little while since you checked out our foster dogs, and it's been a little while since you sent a donation, why not stop by the foster page and drop a little copper in Tinker (or someone else's) little tin cup? Foster parents love to read your messages for "their" dogs, too! It's like a wonderful "way to go!" to hear from a supporter, and see a sponsorship for your own foster.

Foster parents love to read the messages, and so do all the volunteers, including

The Frog Princess

PS Like Tinker's harness? You can get one at our shopping mall!

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BRUTUS said...

LOVE the picture of Tinker in the guitar case!! Love to read all the happy endings (or should I say happy new beginnings?), keep up the good work :)