Tuesday, June 16

Pooter Report!

Pooter went through a couple of surgeries to try to make his bottom work the way it should. Neither of the surgeries worked, so FBRN has taken him in and we are considering how best to deal with a puppy who poops a little bit quite a lot of the time. Here's a detailed update on Pooter, the pooping puppy.

"Pooter is doing well, he eats like a horse and he now weighs 22 lbs! I think he is going to be a big Frenchie! I took him to a specialist last week. They said his anal sphincter muscle just doesn't close up all the way. They don't know whether it is something congenital or happened because of disease. They don't think very much can be done about it. But they could do an MRI to find out if surgery is an option. I haven't had a follow up appointment about it with my vet yet. They also said he has bilateral undescended testicles.

Because I have all tile floors, much of the time Pooter doesn't wear a diaper. Who named him Pooter? I have a lot of fun with his name LOL. Pootsie, Pootface, Got Poots? Pootsie Patootsie, Pooter Man. He is so cute! He does leave little poots on the floor and on the dog beds on the floor in the living room, but he also, when he feels the urge, does bigger poots outside. So he is really just a little guy who leaks.

He also scoots outside to pee most of the time. The diaper confuses him about the "potty business". I always put a diaper and his head cone on him every night before putting him in his crate. In the morning he is frantic to get out so he can go outside and potty with the rest of the gang.

He is the most darling puppy. He teases my other dogs until they play with him. He is never discouraged by a discouraging snarl or growl. Then, if nobody will play, he comes over to me and puts his paws on my knee and gives me such soulful looks. His little lamb face is so serious and so soft.
I just want to kiss him!

I can only have him on my lap with a towel on it or a diaper on him, but he comes many times to put his paws on my knee and give me his soulful looks and get pets and hugs. Then his ears suddenly come up, his eyes flash as he sees his nemesis (my cat, Capone) sauntering into the room. Gotta go, Mom!! And he is off to chase Capone. Capone is a really big cat (18 lbs, declawed), but he runs, then stops and hisses and complains. Pooter stops too. It's a game, right? The cats (2) are used to him now and don't worry about him, but Capone gets so annoyed.

I also have 3 little foster kittens. Pooter has been wanting to play with them so badly, but he plays too rough and they always scramble away from him and get out of reach. Finally he is learning to be more careful and play their way."

Wonderful what our foster families will do for these silly frogs. The trouble they take, the lengths they go to, the messes they live with and clean up after. We pronounce our foster families the salt of the earth, the cream of the crop, the top of the heap.

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

FBRN is such an amazing group, and especially what the foster families do. Pooter's foster mom is quite an angel.

FBRN foster families are the cherry on top!

Anonymous said...

so glad that pooter is feeling well and happy! his foster mom is wonderful. he sounds like a great little guy who just needs an understanding forever family.

Missy B. said...

Little Pooter is adorable! What a little character. Their faces are so expressive, aren't they?

KhrisW said...

The last picture there was hilarious. Look at those teef!