Friday, June 5

Allie at home

Allie's foster mom received a note from Allie's forever family, with some wonderful photos. Here's the note from Allie's new mom:

"I thought you might like an update and some pictures of Allie. She is doing great and we enjoy her so much. She is just the dog I wanted. She seems to get more at ease every day.

This morning F. took her for a pretty long walk and she kept up with him all the way. She has begun to play with toys a little, has a bone she likes, and loves treats.

I've enclosed a few pictures. My daughter gave her the "doggles."

Frenchies need all the basics: food, shelter, love, plus a little extra something: glamour! We approve the doggles, decrees

The Frog Princess


Heather and Pumpkin said...

I agree!


sjk said...

Her future's so bright...(finish that line)