Friday, March 20


We acquired a little frogdog who was a bit too big for his britches last week. His names is Higgs, and we think the boy is suffering from a common Frenchie ailment: eupulcharisimus.

It translates to "too damned cute for his own good" and the result is a bit of a bad boy complex. Here's what his foster mom had to say about young Higgs' first few days in her home:

"He behaves like a big, hyper, bad mannered puppy.

He's still pretty much in solitary confinement so I don't yet have many stories to share.

Here are a few tid bits...

He was a nightmare on a leash, but we've been doing a lot of leash work with him, and we're pleased to say that dislocating a shoulder is no longer a concern for us. We can walk the length of our driveway without him tugging and we've just started going for real walks.

This boy's a thief...he will steal and chew on anything that is left within his reach, especially shoes. I have found him with things that I KNOW I did not leave out. I'm starting to think he opens and closes drawers when we leave the room or maybe hides stuff in his crate that he can pull out when nobody is watching. He's discovered the extra rolls of toilet paper that I keep in a basket under our bathroom sink. He's checked them out a few times and I just know he has plans for one of those rolls should he get the opportunity to steal one. Sneaky...very sneaky.

We've almost put a stop to his constant jumping at us and trying to nip at our hands and feet whenever we enter the room. He's quickly learning that's not acceptable.

Cameras set him's near impossible to get a picture of him once he sees the camera. I was able to get a pic of him standing. I've never seen a dog who can stay in this upright position as long as he can.

He loves to play with toys...any toys! He's not picky and unappreciative like the other spoiled dogs that live in our house.

This guy needs a lot of work but he's very trainable. I don't think it's going to take long for him to become adoptable. :)"

We hope that this handsome young devil does find a home where the people are on to his little ways and have the energy and time and smarts to keep the laddie occupied. This is a dog who will require output on his family's part, that seems certain.

Oh, were we but 3 doggy years younger and unspayed, we might be tempted to a delightful dalliance with this rake and rambling boy, confesses

The Frog Princess

P.S. Giving credit where it is due, the term eupulcharisimus was offered by our younger sister: she who ruined our life by being born and displacing us from the single spotlight on the stage of our parents' lives. Though we must share the bill now, we do admit it is handy having a sibling who knows a bit of Latin and can rustle something up for us, a la minute and tout de suite, by stringing together some roots to create a very useful, if completely nonsensical, neologism.

We do hope no one was listening when we shouted to the heavens last week, "Will no one rid us of this pesky sibling?!" We weren't really serious. She's a rather good egg, all in all.


Anonymous said...

cute. cute! Cute!! ahh, gotta love the bad boys.

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Unknown said...

Is Higgs still available? Where is he located?

redlurker said...

Higgs is an absolute joy. He responded well to being an only dog with a stay at home dad (I work from home). Most of his behaviors have disappeared. He still occasionally likes to sneak into the bathroom while I'm in the tub and quietly remove all the towels from the rack but I just attribute that to a sense of humor and the love of a good practical joke. I love him.