Thursday, March 19

Renault's Gotcha Day

Here's a note and a photo about French Bulldog Rescue Network grad Renault. It sounds to us like a very, very good day all around.

"Hi all,

Since we don't know when Renault's real birthday is (or even exactly how old he is), I made an executive decision that we would celebrate his birthday on February 5, the anniversary of the day he and I 'rescued' one another. He doesn't like other animals, so the party consisted of just of the two of us, along with some special treat cookies, a yummy marrow bone, a ride in the car with the heat on HIGH, and an extra long snuggle session. He only had to wear his party hat for about three minutes (long enough for me to take a couple photos), and I believe he thought it was a good bargain. Boo didn't have lots of patience with his hat, however; thus you will see ribbons that were supposed to adorn the hat swirled around him and tangled up in his little comma of a tail. Oh, well, we do the best we can, and it was a celebration after all ;-)

So, happy 1st anniversary to us; happy 7th birthday to Rennie-the-Boo!

Jane and
(FBRN grad 2/5/08)"

We are mad for a googly eyed man! thrills
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Renault! What a handsome buttercup :)