Monday, March 16


We are always so sad to hear from families who must move and seem unable to find housing that will allow them to take their pets along. We personally find it difficult to imagine a mindset that regards pets as being any more disposable than children; can you imagine calling Family and Children's Services and saying, "My husband and I are moving to North Nowhere and we just can't find a nice apartment that will take our kids, so we are going to have to let them go"? But rehoming the dogs because the apartment you like doesn't allow them seems to be a thinkable thought for lots of folks.

That being the case, we were delighted to find a website that provides links to apartments and rentals that will allow critters. Here it is.

If you know anyone who has been or will be displaced by the economic disaster that continues to cast a shadow over the globe, please share this information with them. We hate to see family members cast off when some effort and research could allow a family to stay together.

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Timely post on the blog. Thanks for putting it out there.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I probably will be moving soon, and this will be very helpful.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Many years ago when we were moving with 3 dogs, and we couldn't even get an appointment to see a rental, we moved 60 miles away and bought a house (and commuted)!