Thursday, March 19


Beautiful Sophia, bringer of wisdom. Here's an update from her foster mom, who tells us that Sophia is teaching her resident Frenchie all about the pleasures of play! We hope Sophia will soon be settled in a home of her own and spreading some of that happy energy around!

"Sophia is doing great. Her eye surgery went well. She no longer has eyelashes irritating her eyes. She has had no seizures and is in the best of health.

Sophia is the most playful Frenchie I have ever had. She has been so good for my own frenchie Ellie May in helping her to become more playful and enjoy herself.

She deserves the very best home, and I am looking for Frenchie playmates since she enjoys playing so very much. She is the sweetest most lovable baby and I will miss her so badly but I know that she will be great in a new home when the decision is made."

Some dogs, especially wrinkly dogs, have a condition called entropion. The eyelashes are turned inward, against the eye, causing constant irritation and, if untreated, potential blindness. We were glad to have the means to provide the surgery Sophia needed to save what remains of her vision. Thank you so much to our supporters!

Hating the thought of inside out lashes,
The Frog Princess

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