Monday, March 23

Farley, a Frenchie

Here's a note we received from this fabulous pied boy's foster mom. For those of us who don't live in the snowbelt, the photos provide us with more evidence of our good sense.

"Farley is doing great, I will post him available soon. It's really funny the things that still amaze him about being a house dog.

Like the opening of the refrigerator door, ooooh all the food and colors, or inside the cupboards. I think I buy him too much stuff because he gets very excited when I bring a sack or package into the house! He MUST see what's inside.

He is still very active which is to be expected at his age. He loves toys and loves to play. He can only have "hard" or rubber toys as he is a super toy destroyer. I have to put him on a leash to walk past the toy box for my other dogs. It's gated in a room he doesn't usually go in, but he KNOWS it's there. He will pace in front of the gate where they are, planning. He is very smart.

He loves going for walks now that the weather is getting a little better around here. We try to go every night even if it's just a couple blocks. He is learning to accept that he has to get his feet wiped off when coming in from the muddy yard. He no longer minds getting baths, he doesn't like it, but he cooperates and doesn't fuss. He still will not go outside alone. Unless you count just outside the door on the deck while you are on the other side of the doorway watching through the window.

I guess I can't blame him, since his previous owner turned him out on the street. He still has occasional accidents in the house, always when I least expect it, like 5 min. after we just came from outside. I'm not sure he gets it? Even though he's active, he is very loving. He has to have some lap time everyday, and quite often when I'm working on something he will just stand and stare at me. He's a great boy with a lot of personality!"

Frankly, if we had the choice of traveling deep into the wintry depths of snowy yard or piddling on the warmish porch, we are pretty sure we'd be selecting the latter, ourselves, confides

The Frog Princess

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