Sunday, March 22

Winter is on the Way OUT!

Poor Brandie! She was suffering so much with the Canadian chill, one of our volunteers took pity on her and sent her a winter wardrobe!

There's a beautiful, cozy sweater for indoor wamth:

A gorgeous hooded coat for days when the temp is so low it's likely to turn one's ears into crispy little chips!

And a fashionable pink belted trench coat for liasons with mysterious strangers with foreign accents under the chilly light of a corner streetlamp. What international secrets will be exchanged?

Who is she waiting to share them with?

And what has she got in her pockets?

These questions are likely to remain unanswered, now that spring is here. The ice and snow that hide so much are retreating, yes, but we doubt that Brandie's secrets will be exposed when the snowdrops and crocuses, daffodils and hyacinths push up through the earth.

Let's just be grateful that the snow and ice are memories, and let the dead past bury its dead suggests

The Frog Princess


Kelz World said...

i know ive commented on this site before but i just cant stop all the good things to be said about this organization. The things you do for these dogs is amazing. All of your volunteers and foster parents have THE biggest hearts of anyone in the world. i want to thank you for what you do for all of these wonderful animals and the sprits you lift for those of us that care for our own animals.

a english bulldog owner with a soft spot for frenchies too!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelz World! Never met a Frenchie owner who didn't also love an English Bulldog! Thank you for such nice comments! So many people here at FBRN work long hours behind the scenes, so comments like yours are much appreciated.