Thursday, March 19

Sweet Bee Buzzes Along

Those of our readers who follow the website will remember Sweet Bee's very sad story. She is an elderly girl of twelve years and she lived the life of a much adored and beloved pet for all that time. Even when her dad had to find an assisted living situation, he made sure to find a home that would allow him to bring his best girl.

Sweet Bee's dad developed a debilitating and disabling condition that made it increasingly difficult to care for Sweet Bee or to be sure her potty needs were met. The facility demanded that he move out or rehome Sweet Bee, and so he very sadly decided to allow friends to contact FBRN.

Sweet Bee has been with us for some months, now, and she is a Queen Bee, too! Though she adores her people and is a laugh riot, she likes to put the big, amiable boxers in their places.
Here is a note from her foster mom about Sweet Bee:
"She is a sweet, older gal (she'll be 12 this year). For those that love the sticky-outy tongues, this girl will charm you.

She's been diagnosed with renal failure, so we just want to keep her happy and comfortable as long as possible. I've only had her a couple of hours, but she's already stolen our hearts and is currently snoring on my bed.

She refuses to be crated, so we'll try x-pens or baby gates as needed, because she's not completely housetrained and is reportedly dog-aggressive. Can't blame a girl for not wanting to share her humans.

No potty accidents yet, and we'll try and keep her on a frequent potty break schedule, due to the kidney issues. She's ignored my 2 cats so far and we'll do a slow intro to the resident dog much later."

We were distressed to learn that Sweet Bee is suffering renal failure. She is not likely to go to the available page for adoption, and instead will live out her days with one of our volunteers as a hospice case. FBRN will care for her and give her a loving home until she crosses the bridge, where she can wait for her best friend to join her.

Meanwhile, Sweet Bee is getting to play dress-up, including a lovely coat with an ermine-y collar!

Oo la la! whispers an envious

Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

It's when I read great stories like this that my heart just bursts with love for FBRN, its mission, and most of all-its volunteers. A thousand thank yous for taking in an old, much belove dog and making sure that she and her master are taken care of.


Anonymous said...

i love fbrn.

thank you so much for everything that you do!

Anonymous said...

What a charming story but so sad that she's dying. I wish someone there would have helped him with his little girl. That's a shame but I'm sure she's gettiing a lot of love now, from her Foster home.

You made me cry again. Seriously, how sad.