Saturday, January 26

Wanna Save a Life?

You say you love the work FBRN does, but you haven't got the means to foster a dog yourself? You don't have time to transport or do home visits? Don't have much money to sponsor a dog?
We know time and money are hard to come by. But everyone can afford a stamp and an envelope and a piece of paper. And everyone can write a letter.

Sally Jane was taken from a puppy miller named Elvin High. He has a 2002 conviction for animal cruelty, but he was licensed to run a breeding operation by the state of Pennsylvania until last May when the license was revoked and the kennel closed. Sally Jane was one of the dogs the Humane League of Lancaster County took in.

High was convicted of several of the charges against him, but Sally Jane is now in danger of being returned to High, along with a number of other dogs.

Write the judge and ask him nicely to sentence High to the fullest extent he can. Ask him to prohibit High from owning dogs for 3 and a half years, which is the length of time the law allows. Most importantly, ask that the judge "issue forfeiture" of the dogs who were taken from High's puppy mill and are being held by the Humane League of Lancaster County.

For more information, go to Puppy Mill Awareness Day's website.

Here's the Judge's contact information:
Hon. Louis J. Farina
President Judge
Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas
50 North Duke Street
Lancaster, PA 17603

Remember, please be polite and calm in your letter. We have heard that politicians are particularly persuaded by hand-written notes, because it takes more effort to write a note than write an email or make a phone call. We have heard that politicians figure if they get one handwritten letter, it should be seen as representing the views of 100 people who didn't write.

Grab a cup of coffee. Find a piece of paper and an envelope and a stamp and a pen or pencil. Siddown. Now, pick up your pen or pencil. Feel that? That's the power of 100 people surging through your veins! Pick up your pen, we say, take a sip from your coffee cup and in 100 words or so, you can do your bit to rescue a dog from a fate worse than death. Don't think you are very good with words? That's OK. Here's a sample letter.

Dear Judge Farina:

You will soon be sentencing Elvin High, a man recently convicted of 6 summary counts of animal cruelty and one misdemeanor count. By now, your sentencing investigation will have revealed High's past convictions of animal cruelty, as well as the revocation of his kennel license.

Please sentence Elvin High to the fullest extent possible under Pennsylvania law. Fine him $1,000, and prohibit him from owning dogs for the next 3 and a half years. Most importantly, please issue forfeiture of the dogs taken from him and now housed by the Humane League of Lancaster County. Most of these animals have recovered their health and should not be returned to someone with multiple convictions of animal cruelty and a history of neglecting his animals.

Thank you for considering this request,

See? In a little more than a 100 words, you can have the impact of 100 people! Who needs vitamins? Who needs weight training? Who needs spinach? Help yourself to some Haagen Daz and put your feet up.

Set the kitchen timer for 10 minutes. We bet it doesn't even take that long.

Smeagol would want you to! shamelessly wheedles

The Frog Princess

PS When you have written your letter, swing back here and leave a comment encouraging others to do the same. Let's see if we can get 10 people to write--that would be something!


Anonymous said...

We've written out letter--anything to keep Sally Jane (our fellow frog) from going back to that awful puppymill. Philippe and Luigi in CT.

Anonymous said...

Tori and Pip just walked their letter down to the mail box. Tori says "Yum envelope glue." He hopes Sarah Jane gets to enjoy all the wonderful family dog pleasures of the world.

Tori and Pip in NY

cookieheadkeeling said...

I just mailed my letter to Judge Farina. It took all of 10 minutes to write, sign, and mail it. I feel very strongly that we have to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves whether they have 2 legs or 4 (or 6 or 8). I hope Sarah Jane and her friends get all the love and joy they deserve!!


Anonymous said...

I also just wrote. I don't think it took me more than a minute. Thanks for letting us know so we could help.


Anonymous said...

My letter is in the mail. Poor babies! I hope together we can all make a difference for these sweetie pies.

Anonymous said...

Anything for Sally Jane and Smeags! It'll go out in the mail on Monday.

Anonymous said...

My dear Princess

I just wrote to Judge Farina and asked that he show justice to Mr. High by punishing him to the full extent of the law and reminded the judge that Mr. High through his going back to his old ways demonstrates disregard for the law.

I also begged the judge to not let Mr. High profit from his crimes and to show mercy in that the dogs should be forfeited to the Humane League.


Anonymous said...

We got our letter out today. Justice demands that Mr High not be given the opportunity to harm any more animals, why that is just setting him up to fail his probation- costing the system more money, and costing dog lives, even a judge who is not a dog person has to understand that.

Unknown said...

Mine is in the mailbox ready to go!

Unknown said...

I am going to send my letter and encourage other pet owners that I know to do the same. It is shame that someone would treat a loving animal in such a poor and cruel way.

Anonymous said...

Dear Frog Princess
One in the mail from California. Ours is in memory Shep who we adopted after his rescue from an owner who was convicted and served time for animal abuse.

Anonymous said...

i will be writing my letter soon. this sorry excuse for a human has shown not only contempt for the law, but callous disregard for the lives of the helpless animals subjected to his so-called care. aimee insists that i send this letter, and i will.

Anonymous said...

One sent out from KC!

Anonymous said...

My letter is written and ready to go on Monday. Thank you for putting this letter campaign on the blog!

Pierre, Sammi and Marley want all God's creatures, great and small, to know love and security...and we asked the Judge to serve justice and to protect the innocent animals that are now learning a new side to humans.


Frog Princess said...

Wow! We are delighted to see such a great response on a lazy Saturday! With our own letter, we now have at least 14 and the promise of a few more to be written soon.

This is a bandwagon it's easy and right to jump on. To paraphrase the handsome and talented Arlo Guthrie: And can you, can you imagine fifty people a day,I said
fifty people a day sitting down and writing a letter and sending it in? And friends, they may think it's a movement.

And that's what it is , the Sally Jane's Anti-Puppy Mill Movement!

Fourteen letters. Standing in for Fourteen hundred folks who feel the same way but won't take the time to write. That's a goodly number. We thank you, the Humane League thanks you, and Sally Jane REALLY thanks you!


Anonymous said...

There's another letter going in the mail. Big thanks to the hard working folks at Puppy Mill Awareness, North Penn and the beautiful Frog Princess for getting the word out!

Thanks to the ADA Wilson for pushing for the max for this blight on the human race!!

Anonymous said...

The Sea Bright, NJ, gang just wrote their letter. We'll drop it in the mail box this afternoon.
Is there anything else we can do to help?

Anonymous said...

Bagel and LeeLou in Nashville were overwhelmed by the story. I mean how can your heart not melt at that photo of SJ or your words not leap onto the page following the eloquent and always clever message of the Frog Princess. Our letter is ITM too.

Anonymous said...

We just finished our letter to Judge Farina. We even included a picture of Sally Jane, who could resist that little face :(

Unknown said...

My letter is in the mail - thanks for all your good work.

Anonymous said...

letter written in minneapolis! many thanks for letting people know about this, esteemed frog princess! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I can't thank you guys enough. I have met many pure breed rescue folks over the years, but you guys are totally amazing. French Bulldogs are very very lucky to have you.

Carol Araneo-Mayer

Anonymous said...

We wrote our letter and dropped it in the mailbox today! Thank you Frog Princess for this opportunity to help Sally Jane and other small creatures that are suffering and need our help, and please keep us posted of the outcome.

Thank you to the Humane League of Lancaster County, FBRN & other rescuers who are helping take care of these and other animals!

Rebecca, Sir Humphries & Bella, NYC

p.s. Smooches to Smeagol!

Anonymous said...


Our mutual friend Underdog used to say "When courage is needed I am not slow. It’s hip hip hip and away I go."

So are we; off to the mailbox with the letter.

Lyle & Sherry

Shelby ... Stella's Momma said...

Thank you, Frog Princess, for getting the word out about Sally Jane and all her furry friends! You didn't have to twist our arms to get us writing the Judge. Surely Judge Farina will see it Smeagies way!

Anonymous said...

Sally Jane is covered in Portland Oregon. Letter to the judge? DONE! Took 3 minutes and it made me feel GREAT. I highly recommend it. Thanks, FP.

Anonymous said...

I posted a notice about Sally Jane's plight on the Portland Oregon French Bulldog Meet-up message board with a link to this blog. I'm hoping some other frenchie lovers in Portland will write letters, too.

Patti, J.O.E. and Louise

Anonymous said...

This morning, after croissants and cafe on St. Barth's, Gracie, un Bulldogue De Francais, mailed a letter *par avion* to Judge Farina.

Anonymous said...

Spike (former Judge of the Deli Dozen) just approved my letter and it's off to hopefully help Sarah Jane safe and happy.

Anonymous said...

I sent my letter and Marley helped by licking the envelope.

Lisa said...

I haf writ, by hand even. And I used my own words. And pretty letter paper!

Murphy says "woof. I will bite that Elvis guy a little if you like."

Unknown said...

My letter went in the mail yesterday. Thank you, Frog Princess, for making it so easy to do a good deed.

Unknown said...

I just finished the letter and Wilson (my little frog) and I are going to post it this afternoon!

Anonymous said...

I finished writing my letter and forwarded the info on to all of my four-legged lover friends. I live in Pennsylvania and think it is horrible that there are no real laws to protect these innocent angels- Hopefully someday very soon our government will realize how important it is to protect all innocent creatures we share this planet with- Thank you so much for getting the word out!!!!!

Kate Mayrides

Anonymous said...

Louis and Isabella said: We completed our letter and then emailed a copy to our bros in Toronto Ontario, Calgary Alberta and Vancouver BC, asking them to send a letter too. We believe that letters from far and wide will help!

Anonymous said...

I just completed my letter and will send it today.

Anonymous said...

One letter sent from Charlotte, NC from a former Pennsylvanian.

Anonymous said...

Lucille the Frenchie and I have finished our letter to the Judge and will mail today. Would you consider maybe putting the info. and suggestion of writing on your homepage? I'd be thrilled to see more responses!

Anonymous said...

Signed, sealed and delivered from Baxter the BT in MN :)

luvasnorter said...

We wanted to take a moment to stop and say thank you to everyone who has written to judge Farina. Or as Sally Jane would say, "Thank You, Thank You, SHNOORT, Thank You!!"

She is doing extremely well in her new home and is anxious to put all of the legal action behind her. She has been meditating constantly on the couch, and seeking counsel from her favorite new pugfriend Ida.

It is amazing to us that so many would reach out and stand up for the love of one snorter. Thank you all for your unending support in this difficult time.

Glenn, Emily, Ida, and most of all Sally Jane.

Anonymous said...

Our letter has been written and popped in the mailbox, along with a picture of our six rescues. Thank you for offering us this chance to make a difference!

Anonymous said...

2 more letters from San Francisco. Please keep us updated on the outcome.

Anonymous said...

Our letter has been written and mailed! Thank you for making us aware of this situation. We hope more and more people decide to write to the judge.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the innocent victims of abuse.

Kristen, Lou and our Frenchie boy Belvedere
Rhode Island