Wednesday, January 9

2007 Stats for FBRN

In 2006, FBRN placed 98 Frenchies in homes.
In 2007, FBRN placed 119 Frenchies in homes. We believe that that is an increase of twenty per cent!

Here are some interesting stats for those of us for whom stats are interesting:

Top States for Surrenders:
CA 16
PA 15
TX 13
FL 10
AZ 9

Top Reasons for Surrender:
44 - Owner's reasons - Lack of time by far #1, Failed Relationships, Moving
36 - Medical issues & costs with the Frenchie -- Skin/Allergy by far #1, Paralysis, Seizures
32 - Behavior--problems with other animals or children, normal puppy behavior.
8 of the behavior surrenders included a bite history

Top States Adopted to
10 - CA
6 - FL, MA and PA
5 - CO and TX

32 - Less than One year
75 - 1 to 3 years
29 - 4 to 6 years
13 - 7 to 9 years
4 - 10 years and over
(Youngest were 9 wks and oldest was 14 years old) (This is Tasha, our 14 year-old sweetheart)

79 - Females
75 - Males

For those of us who like bullet lists, here are the major points to ponder:
* We need active volunteers in the hot spots, and we need active volunteers in areas in between to serve as transporters, home-visitors, boosters for rescue, and overflow fostering for when our busiest areas are full up. We have need of foster homes experienced in basic veterinary care for allergic, disabled or recovering dogs and for behaviorally difficult dogs. We also need more foster homes who'll care for healthy, happy frogdogs, so the specialized foster homes can be free to take the special needs dogs.
* If you are a Frenchie owner, PLEASE make time for your dog. If you are considering a Frenchie, before you get a dog, be sure your schedule has room for a walk, playtime, and quiet time together.
* Frenchie medical expenses are HIGH. Before you buy or adopt your Frenchie, be realistic about your ability to care for this breed in the event of an accident or injury. We need donations to care for the influx of seriously medically challenged dogs.....and we need a cure for allergies. If you have a cure for allergies lying around, please share it!

Here's to another successful year of bringing families and Frenchies together!
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

wow. thanks for pulling together these stats. important info for rescue as well as potential adopters. keep up the great work, FBRN!

Anonymous said...

Great post - thanks for the facts, ma'am!

Anonymous said...

Holy Smokes FBRN has been busy! Important information for everyone to know.

Thank you for touching the lives of all these frogs.

Hopefully FBRN will find more volunteers in the Hot Beds and along transportation routes.

Anonymous said...

WOW! You guys are amazing. Think of all those happy frog feets (and wheels) in their new homes!

Thanks FBRN!
A Supporter

soyasa said...

2007 looks like a banner year! I believe that FBRN's dedicated volunteers earned themselves 119 stars in their crown in heaven.

It is amazing to think of all those Frogs finding love, happiness, and family.

Here's hoping the miracles continue.


Anonymous said...

FBRN truly rocks!! What you all do here is just amazing! Such a well oiled machine!
-an admirer

Anonymous said...

As a proud mom to a 2007 FBRN alumni (& supporter) I can only thank God for the FBRN crew. To see our Phoebe thriving 1 year after she was found wandering in the cold in WI is amazing. Watch for an update soon Frog Princess...and thanks to all the FBRN folks!

Anonymous said...

I am shocked by the top reason for surrender. I myself know I want a Frenchie, but I know I can't afford the care, or be able to give the time they need.

I know that PA was pretty high on the list. I am a PA resident in the Pittsburgh area. Though I am not allowed to have a dog (landlord rule) I would certainly be happy to walk a dog, or help out in some other way.

Anonymous said...

A special thanks and a big hug to all of the volunteers who are watching out for frog dogs across the map. As the year comes to an end, any chance your loyal readers could get a curiosity update on the long time foster page pupsjust so we know that they are well out there?

Lisa said...

Je suis tres confusee. 79 females + 75 males = 154 dogs, but you found homes for 119. What's wrong with this pic, FP?

Nitpickingly yours,

Frog Princess said...

Lisa asks about the FP's math. We had a number of dogs who were holdovers from the year before and did not get placed in 2007.

We didn't have any disappeared dogs! All dogs were accounted for.