Friday, January 4

Good News! Smeagol is on the mend!

Here's what his mom had to say:
"Thank y'all for the warm wishes! Our vet said Smeags has a "Rip Roaring UTI!" He's started Baytril and we'll do another urinalysis at the end of next week and possibly extend the medication beyond the original prescribed 10 days. If Smeags isn't feeling any better by Monday or Tuesday, then we'll bring him in for an ultrasound and make sure he's not suffering from stones. Although none were detected today, with all the mucus and blood in his urine our vet said it's very difficult to tell for sure at this point.

In typical Smeags fashion, he was thrilled he was going for a R-I-D-E! Since he's such a good guy, he enjoyed a Burger King Cheeseburger w/ Baytril for lunch. He seems much perkier than earlier this morning ... thank goodness!!!"

Thank goodness, indeed! Sighs
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Well thank goodness. Smeags, do NOT give us a scare like that again!

Anonymous said...

Rubble Rubble

Norn Cutson said...

he looks so happy to be in the car!!!

Anonymous said...

What good news! We hate those pesky UTIs, too!!!

Anonymous said...

WHEW! Get well quick, Smeags!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy "our boy" is on the mend. What a very special frog he is - - loved by MILLIONS.

Get well quick my dear Smeagol.

Anonymous said...

That Smeagol boy is just too, too darn cute! I love the "surprised" look he always has on his face. Fingers crossed for a speed recovery from his "rip roarin' UTI". Those are NO fun!

alphabitch said...

Love that Smeagols! Give him a big snorty kiss on the nose for me!