Wednesday, January 23

FBRN in the News!

A newspaper in Ohio recently printed a story about Lucien (now Tucker) and his adoption.

A follow up story appeared the next week. Thanks to Steve Plottner for the story and follow up!

We got some photos of Tucker's first days in his new home. Wanna see?

This is Tucker with Meika, his new sister and an FBRN grad herself. And that's his mom with them.

Even though Seattle in December is far less chilly than life on the Great Lakes of Ohio, coats are still required for winter day trips to the water! Here we see three Frenchie gadabouts in their groovy getups for nippy weather: Meika, M'ack and Tucker.

Here's the big secret of Seattle that Seattlites don't want folks to know: It does not rain all winter long.
Some days are gorgeous and sunny and are just perfect for enjoying a stroll along the Sound and partaking of a lovely picnic with a jug of wine, a loaf of bread and frogs.

And when the walk is over and the post-prandial nappage is the order of the hour, what better, more comfortable way to dream away an afternoon than in the company of a warm-blooded pal on a people-scented pillow?

Of course, no holiday season is complete without the ritual humiliation of the family dog. And how can a family better impress upon an adoptee that he is home at last than to commemorate his arrival with a photo of him in a silly hat? Tucker, it seems to us, is subtly conveying through the baring of those sharp teefs, that his patience for this foolishness may be limited.

But maybe that's just a projection of our own aversion to silly hats. That darn crown is bad enough!

Let me quickly point out to those of you who read too many murder mysteries that the following photo does not depict a scene of carnage. And for the teatotallers amongst our readers who disapprove of those who make merry over the holidays, this is not a scare 'em straight public service ad for responsible drinking, either! This is a photo of Tucker and his two-legged cousin who lie where they fell following an exhausting game of fetch, a hilarious tummy tickling, and a deeply relaxing ear rub. (No violence or alcoholic excess involved in any way. We suggest you people get your minds out of the gutter.)

Tuck's new life is shaping up quite nicely, we'd say.

All except the antlers, insists
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

God bless Tucker and his wonderful fosters! As a proud parent of 3 frogs (1 rescue) it does my heart good to see Tucker and his forever family. And thanks to the frog princess for her always entertaining reporting! You deserve the red carpet my dear!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great update on Tucker. He looks like a happy boy. Wow, FBRN Grad Mieka is looking just smashing in her new life.

Congrats on two great placements.

Anonymous said...

Hmph. I say Tucker and that lady have gotten into some of that Watermelon Wine those senior frogs are proffering on the FBRN home page this week. And what I want to know is - where's mine?

Mad as hell,
The raw fed frog (nothing but turkey, spinach and pumpkin, day in and day out!)