Friday, January 4

Breaking News! Good Thoughts Needed for Smeagol!

Smeagol must go to the vet today!This is a photo of Smeagol at the vet's the day he came to FBRN two years ago. He is a member of the NC10 puppymill raid dogs we took in and have placed in loving foster-to-adopt homes.

Over the last two years, Smeagol has become the de facto mascot for FBRN, as he continues to learn about life as a pet after 12 years in a filthy rabbit hutch and later, abandoned in a pen at the far back of the property where he was found almost by accident by his rescuers. He is living with heartworm, luxuriating in his new life, and this morning, he is suffering.

His mom sys he has bloody urine, and an urgent, frequent need to urinate. She is waiting impatiently for her vet to open while our darling Smeagol is shivering and withdrawn.

We know you will keep a good thought and those who are so inclined will send prayers for a quick and easy diagnosis and cure! We will keep the blog posted about his condition.

A worried
Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Worried TN Frenchies & their mom sending kisses and prayers up for Smeagol

Anonymous said...

Get well soon, Smeagol. Hopfully, this is just a delayed hangover after all that New Year's partying.

Anonymous said...

Get better soon, dear, dear Smeags!

Anonymous said...

Smeagol! You're the best hang in there!!

Anonymous said...

Hoping it is just a UTI. We get them here and they are rotten.
Good thoughts for our mascot.

Norn Cutson said...