Friday, January 4

New Year's Resolutions!

FBRN grads Baxter and Trixie have New Year's resolutions.

Baxter has resolved not to sweat the small stuff.

Trixie gives so much of herself with her volunteer work in the local schools, she has several resolutions this New Year.

First of all, she knows she has to get plenty of rest.

She also recognizes the benefits of a regular exercise program. Trixie favors yoga.

Finally, Trixie has decided that it is very important for a girl to take time to pamper herself. A nice facial, a pedicure, and a lovely massage and steam bath do wonders for one's mental health!

If you know an FBRN grad or foster with some New Year's resolutions, send a photo and a note to the Frog Princess's email:
fp-fbrn at comcast d 0 t net.

Don't listen to the ones who try to tell you they are so perfect they don't need to make any resolutions! They need them most of all! believes
The Frog Princess

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