Friday, August 3

Hercule P!

Hercule was picked up from a shelter as a stray. He has a dreadful case of mange. He's also terribly underweight, even malnourished. He may also have hydrocephaly, judging by his domed forehead and the fact that he's a little wobbly on his pegs. His tongue hangs out a little bit, and it probably always will. Here's the latest update on him from his foster mom.

"Here he is ... smilin' Hercule P. I imagine you think the P stands for Poirot, but it really doesn't ... it stands for PEE--this boy doesn't know nothin' 'bout no housebreaking! But, all in good time. (I'm picking up some belly bands tomorrow--the little booger just peed on the floor right beside me while I typed this!)

But, take a look at that smile. He is one happy boy. I would swear he's put on a little weight already, but that could be my imagination. Even if it is, his increased energy is very much for real. I took a ton of pictures tonight and Herc is nothing but a blur in most of them.

One sweet story and then I'm off to clean up the puddle: Last night my 8 year old grandson, Simon, said he hoped when he got better Herc's tongue wouldn't hang out of the side of his mouth. I said I hoped so, too, 'cause it made him look kind of dopey. Simon was shocked and said, "Grandma! If he unde rstands you, you're going to hurt his feelings. You should just say he looks silly."

Properly scolded, I apologized. I do believe Herc has found himself a fine young champion!

Oh, the young lady in the sun dress surrounded by her admirers is my almost 2 year old granddaughter Sabrine."

We wanted to point out that Hercule's foster mom had the good taste to purchase a Garden Frenchie!

He's simply adorable. He's got a funny, Hercule-y, egg-shaped head full of little gray cells! And they are all chugging along sussing out ways of having more fun, fun, fun! He's gaining weight despite his non-stop playtime, and that's something we like to see. That mug is something else, too, admires

The Frog Princess

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Balboa said...

We're so glad you found a loving home and children to protect you!

We think tongues haning out of mouths are soooo super cute, plus the more tongue you have the more peanut butter you can grab! OH YEAH!!!!!!!

Frenchie Snorts