Saturday, August 4


With a million dollar smile like this, we can't imagine why no one was straining every nerve to find this girl, who was picked up as a stray down in the deep South of the US. We figure she must be a wanderer from another dimension, or possibly a time-traveler who misplaced her time-machine. In any event, this young dog is a fine and feisty girl who spends a large part of her day trying to wear out her foster siblings and then claiming "King of the Mountain" status in the yard as her vanquished friends find the deepest spot of shade they can and try to get some rest before she comes after them again for yet more fun!

Here is a fabulous photo in living color of our dear foster girl, Ariel, in her favorite elevated spot. Here she can survey her lands and holdings, and keep an eye on other dogs the better to squash any potential insurrections or challenges to her supremacy. Uneasy rests the head that bears the crown, don't you know.
We hear that Ariel will soon be moving out of foster care and into the home and hearts of her forever family, and we could not be happier for her.

We feel just a little sorry for any new brother or sister she may acquire. We hope her sibling(s) are in serious physical training, but we are truly delighted for Ariel.

We like to watch our subjects from the vantage point of a raised dais, too, Ariel. Never can tell what they might be getting up to.

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

What a charming face. She looks like she is full of life & mischief. I hope she finds a terrific forever home with lot's of love.

Anonymous said...

Everytime I see that top photo of her, I think she looks like a little vampire! In a good way, of course. What a doll!